Natural Gas Initiatives

Centre County has gas… and lots of it! We are sitting on the second largest natural gas reserve in the world, the Marcellus Shale. Unfortunately, most of the gas is piped out of the county and out of the state leaving behind the impacts but very few benefits. It’s being piped elsewhere because we have an inadequate distribution system, especially in our more rural communities. Thus, many of our residents are not benefiting from this abundant energy source. As Chairman of the SEDA-COG Board of Directors, Chris worked to find cost-effective strategies to increase the availability of natural gas in our region.

Economic Development Partnerships

Centre County has lost a significant number of manufacturing jobs. Economic development is and will be a priority for Chris in as commissioner. Under Chris’ leadership, your county government formed partnerships with CBICC, Penn State, and other local governments to develop strategies for attracting new businesses and industry to our county. As your commissioner he will do so again.