Significant Wins for the People Of Centre County During the Exarchos Administration

1. Fiscal Management

NO TAX INCREASES. Chris has never raised your county taxes.

2. New 911 Center

The aging emergency 911 Center was obsolete and did not meet the needs of our growing county. Under Chris’ leadership the county completed a new state of the art 911 system. The modern digital 911 system covers about 95% of the county as compared to the 45% coverage of the old system. Using his negotiating skills Chris also saved the county about $8 million dollars in system costs.

3. Courthouse Expansion

A plan created by the previous boards had outlined a $10-$15 million courthouse expansion project. Under Exarchos’ leadership, the expansion was accomplished for about $2.5 million, averting approximately $10 million in unnecessary costs while preserving a significant historic building in downtown Bellefonte. A second courthouse expansion was accomplished; again, saving tax dollars and another historic building.

4. New County Correctional Facility

In 2005, construction of the new county prison was completed under budget, saving about $1.2 million in infrastructure costs. Negotiated contracts to house state and adjacent county inmates that have saved millions of your county taxes.

5. Emergency Services Training Site

During his first term Chris successfully jump-started the initiative to build an emergency training site for first responders. Located and purchased a new site and secured a $2.25 million contribution from local legislators for construction. The facility became operational on September 2007 and has continued serving first responders and county residents ever since.

6. Centre Crest Nursing Home

As with many county-owned homes, in the midst of new regulations and decreasing reimbursement rates, it was a challenge to keep the facility financially stable. Transitioning Centre Crest to a “not-for-profit” structure with oversight by a board made up of Centre County residents has significantly improved the facility. Centre Crest is currently fiscally sound but more importantly the level of care to the residents has significantly improved. A brand new facility is currently being built.

7. Central Booking Facility

The County worked with local municipalities, police departments and the courts to establish a central booking facility at the county correctional facility. This resulted in significant savings of overtime costs while improving the safety of defendants, police officers and other staff.

8. Workers’ Comp Insurance

The County’s workers’ compensation program ― without proper management ― was spiraling out of control, costing citizens over $700,000 in annual claims disbursements. Within two years, claims were reduced to less than $100,000 annually and time lost due to employee accidents was also reduced significantly.

9. Increased Technical Training at CPI

Worked to expand technical training at Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology with the future Health Sciences Program.

10. New Facilities at University Park Airport

Worked with local legislators to secure funding for expanded facilities at University Park Airport.

11. Highway and Safety Improvements in Lemont

Collaborated with College Township and local legislators to provide funding for highway and safety improvements in Lemont

“I promised … no tax increases … controlled spending … I kept my promise.”
– Chris Exarchos