Proven Leadership

Chris’ leadership has been proven across the County and over time. He takes on tough challenges and finds unique and cooperative ways to overcome them.

Experience That Counts

The breadth and depth of experience that Chris Exarchos brings to the Commissioner’s office added to his 50 years of residency in Centre County add up to a winning combination.

Results NOT Rhetoric

Chris keeps his promises. But ultimately the measure of any candidate is the results they deliver. Chris has a record of delivering exceptional results.

What others say about Chris

I would like to encourage Centre County voters to elect Chris Exarchos as County Commissioner.

Chris has previously served as commissioner and has a proven record of achievement. Chris gets things done, effectively, efficiently… without corruption or runaway costs.

With Chris taxes don’t go up every year, he’s held eight years of past county management without tax increases. By contrast another past Commissioner, Vicky Wedler, raised our taxes 4 years in a row.

He would not have approved the NEW $5 surcharge for our auto registration — because Centre County has no responsibility for road and bridge maintenance costs. Ask yourself, where is that money going?

We don’t have the Center Crest debacle making headlines any longer, or the 911 emergency radio system rebuild which was originally budgeted for $21 Million with inevitable cost over runs. No, that’s because he and Steve Dershem got it built for $16 Million, and our new system works as it was supposed to… Centre Crest — is now running efficiently and is fiscally sound.

Chris is not a flashy politician promising us all magic unicorn dust… he’s a pragmatic bottom-line experienced business man who actually gets things done. And once done, they just work… for all of us.

Managing Center County is an $80 million / year enterprise employing 500 people, it’s a significant leadership challenge we all pay the costs of… we need a proven leader. Please join me in voting for Chris Exarchos for County Commissioner.

Tom ThorpeCentre County Resident

Exarchos managed our tax dollars carefully and made every dollar count. Exarchos understands government on all levels and works to improve such and focuses on our needs for the future. Exarchos doesn’t promise false lip service for open government, he provides it.

Paul NeffSpring Township

Centre County government employs around 600 people, has a budget of more than $80 million and provides essential services for citizens in need, people who rely on county government to help cope with life’s challenges. It is important that we have county commissioners that are competent and have integrity. Chris Exarchos is that kind of commissioner.

Ron ReeseWorth Township

As a retired 40-year Centre County government employee, I know firsthand that Chris Exarchos is a hardworking and devoted commissioner. As a result of his financial expertise, real estate taxes in Centre County didn’t increase while he was in office. Exarchos is not afraid to make tough decisions to benefit the county.

Nancy BaldwinBellefonte

We need someone who has the ability and experience to handle a huge $80 million county budget. Those millions are our hard-earned tax dollars and I want somebody who watches every single penny of it. Times are financially tight for everybody and we need somebody who is on the job every day and is not afraid to make the tough decisions about how our county is run and how our dollars are spent. There is no doubt that Exarchos is the candidate who will keep things on track.

Irv HoyHoward

I’ve worked with Chris for many years in local government. He works hard and really knows his way around budgets. In fact, I have yet to see a budget or a project that Chris hasn’t been able squeeze out at least another 10%. Just as importantly, he builds consensus along the way—he has a knack for getting people to cooperate and get the job done. He runs the county efficiently. He has what it takes to make the tough decisions and has proven that over the years.

Charles "Bud" GrahamChair, Harris Township Board of Supervisors
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